Has the Whole World Gone Mad?

- Here we are on the heels of one of the most watched Super Bowls and the owners and players are talking about a strike so the Millionaires can have a bigger split of the Billions. I have not watched a baseball game since they went on strike many years ago. I openly tell the Football people the same thing. If you turkeys can't make it work, consider me gone, Gone, GONE! from the world of Pro Football. It is an obscenity to pay grown men to play a game. Most of the men make more that the payroll of an entire school.

- We continue to send money to countries where they hate us. our approval rating in Egypt is less than 17% and we send a Billion and a 1/2 dollars to support their Military. Stupid, Stupid, STUPID! Add this to the fact that we had to borrow an additional two Trillion from the Chinese and pay trillions to OPEC Countries and you might understand how much I feel that our leaders don't have any idea what's wrong, let alone what to do.

-Last night, Missouri was trailing KU 46-42 at halftime and the Missouri Coach was asked what he liked in the first half. He said, "Our defense was excellent." Is he crazy or did he not watch the game? KU and Missouri played what looked like an All Star Game with zero, repeat zero defense. 46 points was a season high for KU in a half and I'll bet 42 from Missouri was close. I didn't see MU in pre-season so I'm not sure but I'll bet in the BIG XII it was almost a record. KU went on to score 103 points. If that is defense, I'll eat a basketball. Hello, Has the whole world gone Mad?

What ever was wrong with the financial Industry, it is still broken. Talk to anyone that deals with JP Morgan, Bank of America or any large bank and ask them to rate customer service. What service you ask? The fact that they all delay posting deposits and rush the checks through so they can slam you for over charges. Try to get a bank to notarize a car title and get your billfold out cause they want paid for the simple things they did in the past to keep your business. Watch the news for the high round of Bonuses they will pay their executives this year.

Oh well, I have a good book and plenty of Hot Chocolate. Have fun out there.



  1. MUD, to answer the question you posed in the title...


  2. Try to get a bank to notarize...

    My local bank still notarizes at no charge. There are SOME bennies that come with rural living.

    I, too, left pro ball a long time ago.

  3. "We continue to send money.."
    You are spot on with that paragraph! Kinda gets the old blood pressure up just thinking about it. Wake up America!