Role of The Blogger

Yesterday Barb said that in my last couple of Blogs, I sounded a lot like a Republican - Duh Barb! She also wanted equal time on my blog when I use her as an example. I told her that if she wants her side published, she needs to get a Blog. I have lived with her for 43 years and don't need the criticism about misquoting her. Like most of us, she has ideas all over the place and I'm sure that if I tried to post her directly I would get at least one or two things wrong each time.

Can you imagine that Barb and I agree on one major issue. We both think that the bail outs were wrong and any stimulus will be in the wrong pocket the next time bonuses are passed out. The only thing we really didn't achieve consensus yesterday was that if all the pension plans went in the toilet as the stock market fell, why when it is back up to 12000 (+) are they not better? Of all my investments that have made that include the stock market, one small 401(k) that I put $12,000 in is at almost $20,000. Perhaps it is time to start to draw it out a little at a time. We do agree that having our GM stock go into the toilet and flush, and now reading about Bonuses being paid is a rub in the wrong place.

Yesterday evening about 3:30 we went over to the lake for a walk. It was 74 degrees with a breeze from the south. Last night, the wind turned to blow from the north and this morning it is 17 degrees. At least we do have a sunny day and the south facing windows will warm up the living room. We are in Kansas!

Barb asked me what was on my agenda today. The only thing I could think of was the KU vs Oklahoma State game on TV tonight. I sure hop that ESPN manages to show more than half of the game like they failed to do in the Colorado game. The first 7 minutes of game time went to show a free throw contest that went long and then it was the Nebraska Ambush over Texas. I guess to see Texas lose was almost worth it with KU almost 20 points ahead. I think one of the announcers said the KU game was decided as soon as the National Anthem was played. I am glad that my pay isn't based on how accurate I could predict the outcome of BIG XII games. Next year will be fun when everyone will play everyone home and away.

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  1. What's wrong with being a Republican?! ;)

  2. Just call me Popeye, I yam what I yam!