I want Change(d) and I want it Now!

Where is all this anger coming from? Eat one piece of cheese and forever our politicians become rats! Yes, overweight fat rats that spend our money like they were never going to held responsible, but I digress. It seems like the whole world is overcome with anger and there isn't a lot of surety that change will make it all better. What will it be like when the world realizes that the strong government in Iran is needed to keep the whole damn place together. Lord knows the Sunnis and the Shias can't hold hands and pray to one god. Throw in a Jew or one piece of pork fat and see how fast it all falls apart.

I think it is fundamentally flawed that people don't understand our form of Government. I have no thought that the Senator and Representative we send to Congress will vote on every issue the exact way I feel. Can you imagine how schizophrenic it would be if they voted against Gun Control , for the death Penalty and against Abortion just the way I feel? Then what would Barb say when she sees that result. What about her? The truth of the matter is that we should understand what the candidates stand for and vote for the best one. That person will have to come home and answer for their votes at the next election. Who in the hell thinks that our Congress is like Nintendo or X-Box and we will all get instant gratification? Even an old conservative like me understands that some change will happen. I may not like it, but it might happen.

If people want to be mad, what about all the young people that are just disconnected from our Government and don't vote? Do they have it so good that they just don't care? Or, like I surmise do they not have a clue that what is going on in Washington today is their tomorrow. How the heck do they think they can have any form of retirement when the Government has a lot of that money headed to payinterest on the loans for the excess spending of today?

I guess there are a lot of people out there that belong to the NIMBY (Not in My Backyard) or the "I Got Mine" the heck with you club. Some of us belong in both groups. I belong in the "I got mine and will continue to complain that you don't have yours" group. I vote for the abundance mentality in everything but anger. Smile and get yours!


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