One of these days I might just wake up, smell the coffee and learn all the short hand abbreviations for common things. BFO is a "Blinding Flash of the Obvious". The other day I was driving my daughter-in-law home and mentioned all the controversy about the Don't Ask, Don't Tell.(DADT) She just said that it is all made up and that most of her friends have homosexual friends and no one in the real world really cares. At least the one's her age don't.

It does make me wonder why when we are faced with a BFO that things in Washington aren't working, why do so many of us focus so hard on DADT? I guess the old conservative in me wants to shout that traditions should mean something. The real world person that I am wants to tell the world that nothing ever stays the same and the only thing that doesn't change is that change happens. I think I am going to see if I can find a copy of the Movie," Fiddler on the Roof " and sing two of my favorite songs Traditions and If I were a Rich Man from that movie. It won't do much good, but it would make me feel better. At least, I could smile when I sing them.

Yesterday was a day sent right from heaven. It got to 76 degrees on the 17th of February and just flat melted snow from most of the place. The only places there is still any snow is in the piles where they had to scrape it up and put it somewhere. You can still find some very black lumps of snow here and there. By evening, it was warm, no breeze and just about as nice as a spring day in April. This morning the sun is out, no wind and about 30 at 8 AM. It will be up in the 50's today and while it is not quite as nice, PDG (Pretty damned Good).

The wife will be at the Lawn and Garden Show some today and tomorrow. She is a Master Gardner and will help run the booth where the kids learn about plants. The kids will get a chance to re-plant a little plant in a peat pot and take it home with them. Kinda like Johnny Appleseed but with a succulent plant. (No, I don't have a clue if that is how it is spelled)

Have a great weekend out there. Get outside, watch a little round ball and enjoy life, I will.

MUD - Mean Uncle Denny
ORAG - Old Retired Army Guy

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