Role of Government

One of the major arguments here at Rabbit Run might be, "Does this Milk smell bad" or a more serious one about the role of Government. Does the more complex laws result in protection of our rights or the erosion of our freedoms? We generally agree that Government should not make laws that they can't or intend to enforce. It is things like Education where bureaucracies get built and many unfunded mandates result that cause us to disagree. In my perfect world, most of what is laws would be guidelines. For example, "No Child Left Behind" would not lead to de-certification of those schools unable to meet the mandate, just recognition for those that do. On the other hand, here in Topeka the outlying districts are headed to compliance and it is the inner city schools that are having trouble making it work. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. One side wants to throw more money at the problem and the other side wants to find out why it is broken. Neither way will really fix the problem. We all have to stand up and care and do something about it. Do what you did and you will get what you got!

In some ways, I am a hypocrite and want it both ways. In the area of Taxes, I want everyone to pay a share even if it is a small share. On health care, I want everyone to participate to the extent they can. Wouldn't it be cheaper for all if even the poor paid some?

One thing that is clear to me is that I don't think we have a clue what it costs us to have the Government we do have let alone if it piles new laws and regulations upon us. I wouldn't trust most people in Government to place a price tag on what they do now. If they did, they would have to charge more to do that.

As we near the last third of the Basketball season, it is fun to watch the pundits predict who is Number 1 and who is going to make the NCAA Men's basketball tournament. All the hype about K-State defeating KU last Monday and how Texas will be the new number 1 on Monday was put on hold because Nebraska beat Texas. I know it would be boring if the talking heads on the sports programs didn't make up stuff, but they sound so sure of themselves. After all, all the talk about defense adds to nothing if the other team out scores you. Even in an NBA All Star Game someone wins!

Oh well, another day of 70's here in the heartland.


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