Men spend a lot of time trying to make women happy without a clue to the underlying true things that make them happy. Instead of an expensive present at the next event, try a simple card, a box of her favorite candy (Think Chocolate) and a meal out where you talk. Women like experiences, not fancy things. A long walk holding her hand in the mall will make her smile a lot more than a fancy watch from the Jewelry store. One woman said that pictures of babies will put a smile on their face faster than diamonds. She also said that pretty fish do too, but Barb didn't agree with that.

Like most men, I hate to shop, I go to buy and perhaps get a hamburger afterwards. Barb like to shop and often comes home with things for everyone else except herself. I guess if I were smart, I would slow down and try to enjoy the experience of shopping. The problem is that the longer I am at the store the more I buy and I don't need a bunch of new crap. I really need a dumpster to throw things into and a way to haul it off at least once a week.

The weather here in Mid February is strange. After a couple of months that were cold and snowy, it has turned almost warm. Today it will be in the 70's and you can bet I'm going to get the bikes out, air up the tires and go make circles on the bike path at the lake. I feel the need for speed and a warm breeze in my face. Can you feel the warmth in my mind and see the smile on my face? Enjoy.


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