We came within a couple of degrees of setting a new record low last night. The furnace ran a lot. This morning, I actually drove the 100 yards out to get the paper. Barb's front wheeled drive Buick can get out and I will continue to use it until it is a little warmer.

Both of us have a little cold and it is causing our noses to run and we both have sore throats. Barb is on Moxicillin for an ear infection and should be impervious to a cold but those pesky viruses sneak up on you anyway. At least she won't have it settle in her ears this time.

My only job today is to make sure the bird feeder is full and the water dish ice free. I can't tell if Barb is ready to escape to the halls of the mall or not. She is walking 10,000 steps a day and the walls here at Rabbit Run close in when you walk around inside for a couple of days. I escaped a little bit yesterday and forgot to get potatoes and Lottery Tickets.

We had the kids over last noght for pulled pork sammies. Dave had worked but Barb has been home for two days. I guess the snow and cold just scared the State into ordering her to stay home. She took a tumble on Monday but by yesterday evening she was pretty chipper.

OH well, better close this down before I turn into a Dutch Uncle and try to give you advice.



  1. It's cold here, too. And we HAVE set records every day for the past three days. Ready for Spring? ;-)

  2. Cold here today! 28 degrees at the present time.
    But no snow.
    NO SNOW.
    My daughter in Wichita had the granddaughter home from school Monday and Tuesday!

  3. MUD, I have no doubt that the cold weather has torn your brain cells to shreds.


    And, you probably woulda won, too.