Yep, sunshine through my window makes me happy! John Denver knew about which he sang. Too bad that he mixed drugs, alcohol and flying. Not just getting high but off the ground faster than you could land safely. I love the idea of flying but know that man was truly meant to fly, God wouldn't have invented airlines. Yes, I toy with the idea that if I were a lottery winner I would want my own plane but deep inside I know better. lets see, a plane, a hot rod and a tractor. yep, that seems to be about it.

Barb reminded me yesterday that the 3rd is Thursday. I seem to forget that just because my watch says it is the 29th tomorrow, I need to fiddle with the dials to be right. I hate it when this fancy dancy watch gets it wrong. I don't know what it would cost me to have one that gets it right. The other day on "How It's Made" they showed a watch being hand built with real rubies and gold parts. The selling price of that watch was $160,000. I don't want to know the time that much.

I guess the end of February is the time when I transition into March Madness. It will be interesting to have the NCAA tournament on several networks so I can watch an entire KU game. They have been cutting games down on ESPN so bad that I have yet to see much more than the last half of the first half. You would think that ESPN has several empty slots and they could show the first part of a game on one of their empty channels for those of us that want to switch. Oh well, it is really the last half of the second half that I really want to watch. Now if K-State can do their magic tonight and beat those pesky Longhorns my BIG XII season can be complete.

Have you seen those little robots that do the floors? I want one but it needs to do windows. I love to look out through a clean window but hate to clean them. Oh well, if life was perfect, I would stick out like a sore thumb.



  1. I hsve a timex watch that is digital. Am curious to see if it knows what day it is tommorow.

  2. It will be right on time it is the date that is way screwed up.