Did Ya'

Ever have one of those days where you can tell it would pay you to not operate heavy machinery? I think it started yesterday but so far today, I opened the back door to feed the birds and didn't turn off the ADT system. Chirp, Chirp Chirp and that wasn't the birds.... I went up stairs and made a pot of coffee and about 10 minutes later realized the coffee pot wasn't plugged in so it had done exactly what I told it to do - Sit there with out a gurgle. I sit down at the computer and find the wireless system not working.... Crap, Crap, Triple Crap. Yes, I am aware how wonderful my life is and those are at best Petty annoyances.

Today it will be another one of those round ball days that will be fun to watch and see who in the BIG XII wants a win more than everyone else. K-State gets Missouri at Bramledge and KU gets Oklahoma on the road. A K-State win might get them a first round bye in the BIG XII Tournament and a loss might even cost them a post season birth in the NIT. I did find it interesting that the paper was almost complementary that KU who hasn't had the same starting team healthy all season has only 2 losses. OK, some of the player absences were due to mismanagement of their priorities and suspensions. To me, Thomas Robinson's remarkable play in the middle of the death of family members and his return after 10 days after knee surgery is a highlight. I wonder how many other coaches would like to have a couple of the KU knuckleheads available for post season play. I hear that the K-State coach Frank martin will have good reason to make ugly faces after he has knee surgery later today. I wonder if he will be back playing in 10 days?

I posted some of Barb's bird pictures on Facebook and they came out almost blue. Barb isn't sure why her camera takes all white snow and turns it blue. Kind of like those old ladies with blue hair, there is just something about white that is wrong. You can Photoshop the blue out if you take the time. Who has time for de-blueing 25 to 35 pictures of birds. Not me!

Oh well, have a great day out there.



  1. Barb, your 'Camera White Balance' is out of adjustment. When correctly set the blue snow will be gone. Get out your manual to see how to re-set, it is easy. Or google "camera white balance". Here is an article example. www.kenrockwell.com/tech/whitebalance.htm RayI

  2. Here's to a better Sunday! :)