What a Nice Day

Yesterday was one of those days that started nice and kept getting better. Kyler, aka the short one, had a birthday celebration yesterday and we got to take his Auntie barb over for the party. Dave had to work. After the party, they all came over to our house for dinner. It was a nice dinner with great people. Oh, did I mention that I also got to see the Hawks play at Oklahoma on TV? Then we heard that Texas lost to Colorado and the topper was that Duke lost to West Virginia. I watched the end of that game and it was a real good one.

What do you think life is for? For me, work was always the way I got to head into the wind towards the end destination. Getting a better job mostly meant that I got more pay and would wind up with a higher retirement. So far, I don't regret much about my career other than I didn't spend enough time brown nosing the boss near the end. There wasn't much higher I could have gone, but I might have lasted a year or two more. Oh well, he died and I got to retire with my health.

It might get a little warmer today and with luck the clouds might clear off and with some sun, it will feel a warmer. The birds are here en mass and they eat everything I put out. There is no shortage of little mouths willing and able to eat anything that hits the ground. If I keep the water bowl full and a little scratch out there they will keep the chirping going.

Speaking of going, I'd better.


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