What a Game!

As usual, the BIG XII has it their head that they all want to win. Can you imagine that? Season after season, teams lose some, win some and the world continues to rotate on its axis. I hated to see the Jayhawks lose their composure but this was only one game in a long season and there will be more to play. Perhaps now K-State will get in the big dance. I did think the newspaper headlines were great. Pullen it Out! One and Stunned! funny stuff and KU deserves all the bad press for now. They will move on and win a couple or not.

Today is Toilet day. Dave and I are going to replace the toilet at his house and if we have time one at my house. Not the first time and this time at least I will have help carrying off the dead toilet. I found toilets that are tall so it won't be all that hard to get up off them. they both have a flush power of 10 on a 10 point scale. We'll see how that works. The one I bought for my house has a liquids only flush and a solids one. Can't wait to see how that works.

Better go get my work clothes on and get the tools rounded up.


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  1. You know how the college ball is, you just have to get to the dance, and then all bets are off.

    Now if my team could just get to the dance one of these years...!