Super Bowl

I don't care who plays or wins the Super Bowl. Heck, I might not even watch the commercials. There is just nothing I ever lost in Greenbay or Pittsburg. It seems to me to be another excuse to have a party when we are all shut in and can't be out. But, y'all have a good time ya'hear?

Now today will be a good time to watch round ball here at Rabbit Run. I can watch it on 42 inches of LCD TV or go upstairs and see it on 52 inches of screen. Either way, it is a lot nicer to be able to see the game in detail and hear when it is over. At the game it is hard to see who whacks who and should get the foul and after about 10 minutes at 120 Db, hearing is hard to do. We have gone to about 10 games in Lawrence and skipped the road trips this year. It was the year for a trip to Colorado or Iowa State or both. With Colorado jumping ship, that won't happen ever again so I'll just have to plan a trip to Hilton next year. For some reason I just don't want to go to Columbia or Manhattan.

Yesterday, I dug the Pickup truck out of the snow drift and drove it a few miles to charge the battery. I also gave it a tank full of gas as I hate to let it sit with almost an empty tank in cold weather. It drove pretty rough and man do I need to replace the steering wheel on that beast. Once warmer weather gets here that will be one of my shade tree mechanic jobs.

Better get things rolling, I hear Barb stirring around. Have a great day and a Super Sunday.



  1. I'm the very same way on pretty much all your topics. I could not care less about the Super Bowl.

    And for some reason, it is stuck in my head to not allow a gas tank to get too empty when it is cold. Is that because of condensation or something? I just cannot remember why I think that.

  2. Mom could never figure it out, but I have always been a HUGE Packers fan! So I will be wearing my cheese head tomorrow;)

  3. I have learned that if you don't want a house full of people for Super Bowl, don't buy a large screen TV! Guess I'll just keep the snacks coming.
    One thing I learned from flying is to keep the gas tanks full. It cuts down on condensation building up, thus water in your fuel tank.
    No side of the road to pull over on up there!
    I'm ready for a few of those shade tree projects myself. Come on Spring!

  4. I found out that while flying, you can reach out the window of a Bird Dog and just reach the valve that lets you check for water in your gas. The pilot really gets freaky when he smells av gas and acted really pissed off when I told him what I had done. Damn Zippo was dry and I needed a match. It really lets you light a pipe with av gas in one. I had a Volvo with electronic fuel injection and it would freeze up if you didn';t keep it 3/4's full and add a bottle of alcohol every other time you filled up.

  5. I simply cannot imagine why a pilot would get testy when you dumped gas to light a pipe. That is just picky!