Sick Days or Daze?

I don't always get a flu shot but this year I did. For the first time in a long time Barb didn't and it seems like she has been sick most of December and January. If I could give her the gift of good health, I sure would. We were at Sam's Club the other day and she bought one of those 10 boxes of kleenex all wrapped up in plastic. Makes my nose red just thinking about it.

Almost every year, I get the tax records out for the previous year and spread them out on a card table here by my computer. This year I have to get the Partnership statements out early so I have a big old pile here to deal with. I probably will have the paper out for most of the time until April because I will have to pay.

I noticed that I got a notice from my retirements that i will start getting less because the tax brackets have been changed back to the old levels. You remember that our wonderful Government lowered the withholding to give us more money as a stimulus? It really pisses me off that all it does is add to the amount I have to pay. The good news is that I have the money to pay it, but it was stupid.

Going to a Valentines day breakfast. Bye


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  1. I am sorry Aunt Barb is sick. Austin has been going to Mother's Day Out this year and has pretty much stayed sick all winter long. Somehow I have managed to avoid most of it but Keith has been hit pretty hard. This is strange because Keith is a lot healthier than me. I don't even take vitamins! I never get a Flu shot and I never take medicine except for the occasional Advil. Grandma Petty always said the ornerier you were the longer you lived. Apparently, she was right;) Love you guys!