Great Day

Yesterday we went to Lawrence to see the Iowa State Game. It was a lot what I expected. The hawks shot about 60% and won coasting in. After the game, I drove to Kansas City and had dinner with my friend Harvey and his co worker, ED. I think Ed is the Architect on the job they are doing in Bentonville, AR. They were up making a visit to a building being built in KC. We had a nice dinner and a great visit. The total day was wonderful and I hope that we can have many more days like that.

One of the cycles of life, is how much we are supported by our parents when we are young and how much we support them at the end of their life. This is a delicate area as most people want pretty much support themselves at the end of their life. Just how can you help them without hurting their pride? I'm sure that we all face this with our parents and know how much more most of our parents gave us than we will ever give them back.

Oh well, weather is a lot better day by day and I am looking forward to soon being out more. Sure hope to be making circles with pedals on the trail soon.


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