Here near Topeka, we got between 4 and 6 inches of snow and it has drifted in places to near a foot. I drove out of my driveway this morning with Barb's front wheeled drive Buick. I think the Ford will probably have to sit for a few days. The real bad factor here is the temperature. The wind is from the north and it is only 3 degrees with the Wind Chill factor near -10. The good news is that the sun is shinning and sitting in front of the south facing window upstairs it is about 80. Barb loves to sit in front of the window and I have to sit on the shady side of the room.

Well, Bill Self can finally take winning in Lubbock off his bucket list. The hawks went in there in front of all 24 of the students at the game and whipped them like a rented Mule. The really bad news for Texas Tech is that they have to play Texas this weekend. I think we have a trip north to Nebraska and they are playing pretty good. If the JayHawk team that we know and love show up, it will be a great game and another victory. If they show up flat, we could come home with a bloody nose.

I think I'll clear off the south porch and throw some more seed out for the ground feeders. yes, the squirrels love it too but everyone needs a little help in frigid weather.

Gotta run.


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