Fajitas and such

Last night we had Dave and Barbara over for dinner. I grilled a bunch of chicken Sunday and that smoky meat makes the Fajitas just yummy. I wasn't sure that three big breasts were enough so I cooked a couple of Rib Eye's. They were almost frozen in the meat keeper so I got to slice them thin and put them in a Marinade. I just have to tell everyone that our HyVee stores here in the Heartland get some of the best beef out of Iowa and their taste/ texture/marbling is superior to anything I can buy any where else at any price. Sam's club is close but that's where I buy my chicken. Throw in a little rice, some black beans and you have a tasty meal. (I like a little Guacamole and salsa but everyone else thinks the meat is so good that they hit those lightly)

I have finally given up trying to fight with one of the oil companies and hired a lawyer. Our Nephew Dan recommended a good friend and I have an appointment early next month. Tom gave me some expected advice on the phone and a path to take. Probably will have to go to Probate court in Clark County and have them sort it out.

Discussing legal matters with a couple of attorneys, one thing that was clear was the need for family planning. I promise you that anything you want done with your estate can be achieved if you put it in a will. Barb and I have a pretty straight forward will. She gets everything when I die and Dave gets it when she dies. Yes, I know it says that I will get everything if she dies first but she just won't let that happen. I am pretty sure that I don't really care what happens because there haven't been a lot of old guys in my family and Old women run frequent and deep in her family. Well, at least the are there, I'm not sure about the running part.

The weather is sunny but the southerly breeze made it kinda cool when I went out to get the paper. At least it feels a little nicer each day and a little longer sunshine. Is March madness far behind? Texas sure looked good last night against Iowa State. Gonna be a fun BIG XII Tournament in Kansas City. Wonder if I can convince Barb to go back to the Sprint Center and catch a couple of games.


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