Over the last few days, there has been a couple of running and gunning discussions about what is wrong with the USA.  It is my contention that while it has been harder to get there, our version of the American dream can be achieved. People have cited facts all over the place.  One person says that our taxes have gone up and up and another person has declared that corporate taxes are so low that there is no middle class.

If you were paying attention to what the world has been up to, there was a move to stabilize the growth of the USA and move jobs to other places to even out the wealth.  We shuffled jobs to Mexico and China as fast and as hard as we could and now we wonder why the "Middle Class" is having a hard time.  If you haven't heard this before, "Follow the Money." 

We have also been changing the fundamental way we have be guided by the constitution.  It has been a lot easier for the President to issue a Presidential Fiat and change things than it has been for Congress to make changes for the good.  Another factor is that we have a congress that seems to be all over the place rather than a united attempt to find and fix our real problems.

The other trend I have been noticing is the lack of civility by the "Political Correctness Police."  In stead of just saying that Sterling is just another rich old man that doesn't really care what we think, the NBA wants to suspend his Constitutional rights, fine him and take his franchise away from him.  There is a small matter of the California Law that says that his wife owns half of everything (Community Property) and no one seems to give a damn about her rights.  Someone this week said that Hillary Clinton had a fall and had brain damage.  Who jumped up to her defense - Yep'er. good old Bill.  If there was any proof of Brain Damage right there is the answer.  I can't imagine most wives would have not, "Stood by her Man" but would have taken half of his assets and set that Tom Cat Free.  

The other day, I read three, "God is my Savior" messages from a friend but there was a fourth one that I don't remember.  I chided him that he should every once in a while post something that he himself wrote not just cut and paste on Facebook like the Spam it was.  Guess what?  He unfriended me.  Dang, I love it when that happens.  Saved me the trouble.  I fully support your right to believe in any sort of a God you desire.  I don't even mind if you post something to that effect every so often.  It is that constant dribble of the same message over and over multiple times a day.  I wonder who he is trying to convince?  Him or Me.

One of my fears is that one of these days the powers that are in charge will pass a part of the Law that drags us down the slippery slope that erodes our free speech.  I think it will start with stupid speech and work its way down from there.   You doubt this could happen?  Look at all the gun laws that have been supported by the courts.  Try to own a gun in Washington D.C.  or New York City.   Go try to buy a gun and see if that inch of paperwork is just almost too much. 

Speaking of freedoms,  many of my friends have posted messages that announce their gun ownership and state they defy the Government to come get them.   It was gun registration that aided the Nazi's prior to WWII to be able to "Come Get the Guns."  

I won't even bring up all the hoopla about Same Sex or Equal Opportunity Marriage laws.  Who does what to whom in your bedroom is your issue not mine.  What book said, "All Pigs are equal, some are just more equal than others?" 

Oh well, moving on...


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