Long Weekend Planned

On Saturday, Barb will be taking pictures of the Master Gardener's plant sale and I will be singing with the Capitol City Barbershop Chorus.  I think that on Sunday we will probably be planting the garden.  Monday will be a day of  R&A ( Rest and Aleve)  But, we will both have a smile in our heart even if we will be too tired to smile on the outside.

What ever happened to the tradition of May Baskets.   I know that we don't have any children that come here for Halloween, so I don't expect baskets here, but even a paper basket filled with stolen wisteria bush flowers left on a door step was fun to do.   I guess most of that was because I had older sisters that loved to do it.  Times are changing.  There are people that probably would shoot at you for ringing their doorbell and running away.  Shame on us.

OK, Oklahoma botched an execution.  The end result was the guy died and I for one don't care what a person who buried a 18 year old girl alive dies like.  There is a guy in Arkansas that needs killed and I sure as hell don't want it to be nice and peaceful.  I'll bet there are a lot of people that would love to be the one to strangle the life out of Karl like he did to our niece.  He has been in appeals longer than she lived.  He had better pray that he is never released from prison.  If someone were to shoot him, I am pretty sure that a dozen of us would turn in ourselves and want the credit.

I am sorry that the anger genie escapes now and then.  I try to be a nice guy that my mother would be proud of.  Wait, perhaps she would approve of that sentiment.

Oh well, on with the day.


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