The Weather

There is an old saying that if you don't like the weather in Kansas, you should wait a day.  We went fro the high 80's to a possible frost warning for tonight and by this weekend we will be back into the 80's. 

Our son and his wife live about a mile north of us and they had hail big enough to break windows and the mirror of their car and we had marble sized hail.  Barb did find one or two that were pretty big but nothing like what beat up their house. 

No, I don't think it is climate change, just the changing weather pattern.  Even if it was man made, how the heck does the Government building a Ponzi scheme of fines and energy credits think they can change it?   Another example of men thinking that they need to change things to save us.  Is that cure worse than the disease? 

Our local government is working on another round of sales tax increases to help support the Expocentre (Their spelling not mine)  Just how much money do we need to support it?  Isn't there enough money in the Property Tax and current sales tax to support it?  What about the people on a fixed income that got bupkis for a raise over the last couple of years.  Who would have thought that the State Employees would have been given a smaller raise than those on Social Security? 

Crap, Here I am on another tirade.  Gonn'a quit right here and right now.


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