Rules to live by

Some of the general rules I try to live by are:

It is easier to ask forgiveness than ask for permission.  Might get me in court now and then but so far it has worked. 

When you get caught doing something without permission, never lie about it.  Telling a lie can and will get you fired but doing your best and omitting something is a good reason to do things.

Your boss might be wrong but he still is your boss. 

Praise in public punish in private. 

When you are mad, talk quietly not loudly.  They don't know what you are going to do and a little fear is good to change actions.

It generally tales a Significant Emotional Event (SEE) to change behavior.  Explain the entire sequence of consequences to a person not just give them a verbal reprimand.  They should not be surprised when you write them up the second time.

Never be surprised when someone hates you for doing your job, especially if you have done it well. 

I personally never pass up a chance to congratulate a person when they are recognized for doing a good job.  Remember that it is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration most of the time.  There is almost always room for everyone to get recognition for good jobs.

Many times I have had an employee come to me about their wanting to apply for a better job.  I never have told one to not do it.  I always told them their good points and told them to go for the gold.  If they get the job, they are your friend.  If they don't get the job, talk to them about how they can improve their skills for the next time.  I always found that a little communication went a long way to keeping your employees happy.  I always found it sad when I didn't get a job and the boss acted like it was no big deal.

Change happens in organizations.  You can either lead, follow or get the hell out of the way. 

Since I have become an adult, I have laughed my way out of good fist fights a lot.  I guess being big and tall helps but laughter is good a lot of the time.

I try to not talk to Barb before 9 AM and she doesn't talk to me after 9 PM.    This can be moderated by coffee and tea but as a general rule it works for us.

A good rule is that whoever cooks doesn't have to clean up the kitchen.  The exceptions are bierocks and enchiladas that make a hell of a mess and are best a joint effort.  If in doubt, unload the dishwasher and reload it even when you have cereal. 

Money is just another kind of power.  Life is better when you don't have to fight over it. 

If you find yourself with more debt than money and your name isn't Uncle Sam, stop spending.   The only way to have what you want is to build wealth by having income greater than or equal to outgo.

Cars are really just transportation they will eat your money fast and the faster the car, the faster the eating. 

Everyone once in their life should have a new car but once you get that out of your system, buy used cars.  Less Taxes, depreciation and lower insurance costs.  A/C is not an option in Kansas, it is mandatory. 

While loading the dishwasher, a few other obvious things hit me.

If you are faced with doing several things, do the hardest first.  At least do the most obvious first.  Loading the dishwasher is nice, but it doesn't look that nice until you wipe down the counters.

 Never overlook the help of a good source.  For money, I find Dave Ramsey about the best.  One source for investing in the stock market to avoid is me.  I HAVE DONE TERRIBLE THERE! 

I have been dreading the fencing job on the south property line and just today I mentioned getting some help and Barb agreed that it was a good idea.  Just because I have most of the tools doesn't mean I have the ability.   Age might mean smart but not always more capable. 

Why is it harder to get in shape in the spring than it was to get out of shape in the winter?  Next year I think a member ship in the YMCA again is in order.  Swimming and the hot spa sounds a lot like what I need.  Might even do a little weight lifting. 

Good advice is generally worth what you pay for it.  Or at least the cost of learning the lessons the hard way.  If you read this and don't change your life, read the part about the SEE again. 


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