Little Visitor

Today we are watching Rikku, a three year old because of a scheduling conflict. Dad had to work and the normal baby sitter is busy. It is really fun to see what a wonderful young lady she is growing up to be.  I forget what life was like with a young child.  Typical of most only children, she is able to use her creative side and entertain herself.  The pillows became an ice palace (Frozen) and she loved to watch the young squirrels that play on the deck.  I can hear Barb and Rikku playing upstairs and having fun.  

Having a good time at Rabbit Run
Earlier this year, Barb and I dog sat Rikku's Dachshund brother, Oscar.  I think it reminded me of how much work having a dog is.  It was fun for a day or two but it did convince me that right now we don't need a dog.  Dang, I hate it when that happens.

Sometime today, Dave will be over and we will work on the brakes of his car.  It seems that either Dave uses his brakes a lot and hard, or the General Motors brakes haven't gotten any better than they were on the Vega.  Seems like I redid them on the Vega about every 20,000 miles.  Much the same on Dave's cars.   The good news is that the parts are cheap (relatively) and I do know how to do it.  I have found that if the brakes are worn on just one side, it is probably a stuck caliper and we are just as well off changing it from the first.  I changed the pads and rotor one time and a very short time later I had to redo it and change the caliper.  Oh well, won't be the first time or the last.

Dave is getting well fairly fast and his blood tests are showing an improvement.  Slow but steady.  He had a hiatal hernia and it caused a bleed.  When he started to feel bad he took a lot of aspirin and things progressed steadily until it took a trip to the hospital.  He right now is on a lifting restriction of 25 lbs. and will be good company but not much help with the brake job.  I know he knows how to do it as he has been there and done it with me several times.   I like t get in there and turn wrenches from time to time.  I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want a full time job doing it.  At this stage of my life, I don't want a full time job of doing anything.  With about 21 acres of mowing, I can always fire up the tractor and find something to do.

Better get back to sharing the Rikku duties.  You know how much I hate spending time with little children.



  1. Riku looks like a twin to Mandy (Amanda) when she was that age, curly hair and all.

  2. Rikku is a lot like Mandy was at that age. Both have beautiful soles and made Barb and I smile. Where they differ is that Mandy was a younger sister and older sister had a lot of influence. Rikku is an only child and has a lot more independence. With that said, I love them both and wish them nothing but the best in the future.