Rainy Monday

The good news is that we won't have to water the tomatoes today. And, if we are lucky there won't be any snow to nip their little buds.  Up to a foot of snow fell just outside Denver and it is only 34 degrees about 350 miles west of here. 

Barb wanted to get rid of an old couch we have had for about 20 years.  When I drug it over, it was pretty easy to see how worn and faded the rug in the living room is.   I guess if you want sun and have large windows, the price you pay is a faded carpet.  It must be time to tear it up and replace it with a new one or wood floors.  Neither one is a cheap solution but if you can afford it, is any price too much? 

I keep squinting when I read the computer screen and only when my eyes start getting tired do I remember the little + button that makes it all good.  It must be the same thing that causes my brain to put a letter from the second word in the middle of the first word as I type.  My mind just crosses up things and I think a lot faster than I can type.    Combine dyslexia and ADD and that about sums it up in my typing.  Throw in old age and arthritis and you can see the dilemma that my future faces.  I won't even get serious about how hard this would be to read if it were not for spell checker being good at guessing.  Spelling phonetically helps me get close but some serious spell checker brings the words to the page without that little red line showing up all over.

The other day I saw an Olds Aurora and was reminded that I really liked that car.  The good news was how great it drove and the bad news is that like Mercury, Oldsmobile and Pontiac it is a brand that has gone away.  The more miles I get on the Ford beyond 100,000 the more I think about the time the Crown Vic will need replaced.  Just when I found a car that I love, they stop making it.  What do you want in your next car?   A/C in Kansas is a must but the ability to ride down the road well and 25+ MPG is a given.  With the difference in our size, bucket seats or at least split seats is a requirement for Barb and me.  Comfort on trips is high on my list. 

We had a great Mother's Day here at Rabbit Run.  I put a nice pork loin on the rotisserie and it turned out great.  I did my best to do most of the cooking but Barb did kick in with the set up for the meal.  It gave me a chance to sit down and then clean up before the guests arrived.   I tried scalloped potatoes but I am not a proud of them as some of the other side dishes I have made in the past.  I am still looking for that one killer things to do with potatoes.  One of my best is just to cut them up, cook them in the microwave with butter and seasoned salt.   It just seems like I need a new trick to do with that old dog.   I guess if everyone eats them up and there is seldom any left overs should be my goal.

Oh well, going to have lunch with some of my retired friends at the Catholic Church that is put on by the Fiesta Queen Candidates.  It will be a nearly home made meal and it goes to support the school run by them.  We always go to the Fiesta if nothing more than to buy their wonderful food.  Sante Fe Rail Road brought many of our Mexican American friends to Topeka many years ago and we are lucky to have the to add to the diversity of our lives.   I won't let the negative stereotypes change the way I feel about people.  But I will let their wonderful foods make me smile.  Race relations is pretty easy if you let your stomach guide you to a smile and a full belly.  At least that works for me. 


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