Rainy Saturday

I guess the stillness here will be unbroken today because the rain has probably stopped the races today at Heartland Park.  Normally when the breeze is out of the south, the sound of those 1,000 horsepower motors just vibrates the windows all day and early into the night.  Not today Skippy.

My cousin Kathy is out west visiting her new grandbaby Juniper, aka June Bug.   So far I haven't been treated to any pictures of those two but I'm pretty sure that Elizabeth and her husband will fill us in on the pictures.  My cutest cousin and her cute Grandbaby are just a picture - irresistible.

Today I read a bunch of people telling others on Facebook, that they must remember the real reason for Memorial Day.   I cry foul on that.    I served and fought in the Vietnam War so people could feel free to drink a beer or eat a brat and not have to worry about who or what is marching in Red Square or any parade.  If they want to have a good thought or two, good stuff Maynard.  If not, that's what freedom truly is. 

Yesterday Barb and I went to Lawrence to have lunch with my niece, Janet.  She just moved back to the heartland and will start her training with the Postal Service next week.  The job is just part time for a start but I'm sure that she will soon be full time when they see the Petty work ethic come out.  The key piece of guidance she got from the interview was to never under any circumstances pet or touch any dog.   Something about the Post office uniform just makes them crazy and they draw blood - a lot.  Janet was my first Niece and I have always had a special feeling for her.  She is just one of those people that others just love too.  Come to think about it, all my nieces are pretty damn special. 

We have one Niece, who will go unnamed here to protect her identity that will go to Brazil next month.  They have tickets to the soccer matches there even if the USA doesn't have that big a chance to bring home the medals.  I hear tell that her husband has it on his bucket list to swim with the pink dolphins in the Amazon River.  I'll just skip that one thank you. 

I got the monthly Oil Royalty check yesterday.  Thanks Mom.   It makes for a nice addition to the retirement pay except for Income Tax Time.  Barb reminds me that getting money and paying taxes is better than getting no money.    'Cides, we haven't missed many meals.

The other day, I saw a wounded Veteran on TV and he had a special bike built to accommodate his injuries.   It reminded me of  the time my Brother-in-Law came here and build my recumbent.  Just to watch him build that bike was an experience I should have had to pay to watch.  He is one of those guys that just knows how to make things work and work well.  Speaking of that bike, Barb and I need to get them out and start getting into shape for the year.  I put them out in the new metal building and it is true what they say about out of sight - out of mind. 

 On the trail out to lake Clinton by Lawrence.
Oh well, things to do and books to read.   Even dogs know enough to stay out of the rain here in the heartland.


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