Up On My Soap Box Again

There are times that I wonder why I have this urge to climb up on a soap box and get all "John Kerry" on this blog.   I have the world by the short hairs and love the life I have.  I can't think of anyone I would trade with, except for one of the younger members of the family.  But even then, I wouldn't have all the wonderful memories.  

Today was a treat on Facebook.  There were smiles galore as the Graduation season is here.  People have shared the smiles and I am glad to see all the smiles.   Throw in all the smiling little faces of the young children, and it was a treat to open that program yesterday and today.  There was even a few of the young loves in there and it was just great.  It was enough to give the world a big old "Salute."

Bob Johnson's photo.
How could you not smile with faces like this on Facebook?
Yesterday, I asked Barb if her Graduation from High School was like a super event that liberated her or if it was just like a door open so she could go on with the rest of her plans.   I celebrated the event but it was very unsettling to me.  Back in the 60's,  the Vietnam War was on the doorstep of all of those of us that didn't have really good plans or good grades.  I was a little deficient in both back then.  I made the best of my time in the service and it was a leg up to life.  It didn't hurt that I met Barb and she agreed to Marry me. 

Last night, I fell asleep early and woke up in the middle of the night wide awake.   The sad part was that I had the choice of watching "Shawshank Redemption" or "Dancing with Wolves."   I know, I have seen bot of them enough to almost quote the lines as they are said.  I think it is the way the good guy comes out on top that appeals to me.   Tom Hanks and Kevin Costner are  great actors.  I think "Dancing with Wolves" is a view into the life of the Plains Indians and a little bit higher on my list because of the location.   Growing up in Kansas I have always loved the open sky and the thought that one time there were buffalo roaming widely.  Other than the fact I don't love horses, it might have been a good time to be alive.

Yesterday I managed to drag the old couch out of the living room and wrestle the new chair in.  My only fear is that the couch may become a resident of the garage that I am just managing to get empty.  At least I have both Barb's Buick and our Ford inside.  The pickup had never been an inside vehicle so I don't worry too much about it.  One of these days the rust is going to finish the cab off and it will need replaced.  For now it is a "Running Jessie."  Now there is only one more major event to accomplish.  The Fence on the South side of the property needs redone and the kid I thought would be my helper isn't well.   Neither is Dave.  I know Barb wants to help but I don't think she and Barbwire are a good mix. 


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