Places to Go and Not So Much.

I have been to a lot of places and starting with the places I recommend all the way to not go here is my list.

-  Start with the National Parks right here in the good old USA.  Zion, Yellowstone, Bryce Canyon, the North Rim of the Grand canyon.  Zion is a one day trip and Yellowstone is a week long trip.

-  San Francisco.  Had a lot of good times there.  Fort Point under the golden Gate Bridge to the Chocolate maker near Fisherman's Warf.   They had a 75 mile trip by car posted that took you to all the sights that was worth an afternoon trip.   Finish with a dinner in China Town.

- San Antonio.  My favorite part of a trip I took there was the dinner we had on the boat on the River Walk.  At least take a taxi trip and see the river from one end to the other.  The Alamo and the Missions were a nice day's worth of sight seeing and eating great food at Margaritas by the Mercado.  Just once you should see the Spurs play in their Arena. 

- Saint Louis.  Don't be fooled by what you hear about the bad parts of Saint Louis.  Look on line and see all there is to do there.  We even found a Doll Museum near the old Ball Park.  The Budweiser Brewery was a fun trip.  If you take kids, the 6 Flags there is a pretty good day's trip. 

-  Chicago.  Dave went there on a Band Trip and we had to go back the next summer.  So much to see and do there that there is no end of the list of fun things to do.

-   Madrid Spain.  We spent only a day or two there and I am sure that I could spend a week or two between Madrid and Barcelona.

Panama - Been there done that.  Not my list to do again.  I have spent two weeks in the jungle and a week in Panama City.  I wouldn't take a million dollars for the experience but I wouldn't want to do it again.

Belize -  Slightly better than Panama but mostly because there is little language barrier in Belize.  et more than a hundred yards outside of Belize City and it looks and feels a lot like Panama.

Vietnam - I lump this in with about most of the combat zones as really good places to get killed.  There were some really spectacular places to see but throw in Malaria, Tigers and poverty to get places to avoid.

My real recommendation is that you find the place you feel comfortable and go there the most.  I really find that about 7 days away and I want to be home - a lot.  Where ever you go, don't forget that what is appropriate here in America can get you thrown in Jail or out of the country.  Take pictures and rock back to see the pictures later on.


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