Watchin' Memorial Day Movies

This morning, I started to watch the old movie about "Sgt York."   I knew the story about his exploits winning the Medal of Honor so I only watched the first 2/3rd of the movie.  Yes, I watched only the real corny part.  During the rest of the day there will be war movies galore and some are worth watching over and over.   Not sure how many I will watch.  We will have chorus practice tonight so at least I will get a break then.  One fun thing we will do is put together some quartets out of the chorus members and see if there are any new quartets that have the right stuff. 

On Friday we got the annual Williams Fund information on Basketball tickets for this next season.  The Hawks will be young but they have a lot of promise.  They even have signed a 16 year old from the Ukraine that will turn 17 this summer.  The good news is that he will play two years at least to be eligible for the NBA Draft.   We can hope that his parents will encourage him to stay the next two years and get a degree.  Heck, He will be only 21 when that happens.  Lots of time to go play pro ball. 

Last week, I spent several; days catching up the mowing and there are places you can't tell that I did anything.  Bummer.  For most of last week you could hear mowers out there shortening the grass. 

Next week, our son Dave and his wife Barb will have been married 12 years.  Not sure what we will do to celebrate but we'll work on that.  One good thing is that Barb's parents are moving back to the Topeka area from their jaunt in Las Vegas.  Looking forward to spending some time with them talking about adventures in our lives. 

Barbara is on the Internet today looking up all the medical terms from Dave's chart.  He had a bleeding spot in his stomach and got pretty sick.  His mother is still concerned that he could start bleeding again and not get well.  He was pretty weak and pale. 

Oh well, Happy Memorial Day. 




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