Solution to the VA Problem.

I know this will raise the ire of a lot of people, but I offer this solution to the VA problems with my eyes wide open and am willing to hear all sides of the problem from others.  Don't get mad, tell me what you think.

Clearly, the Medical care system in the United States has the capability to support a very large group of people and I have often wondered why we built a separate "But Equal" system.   I have Medicare and Tri Care and pay for very little in the way of coverage.  I have (To date) never been told I don't qualify of that I need to go somewhere else for care.  Based on my experience alone, I would think that the VA should be there to evaluate the disabilities of our servicemen and women and pass out money and insurance.  Simply put, the assets of the VA hospitals have to be a costly thing and the same money could support the Veterans better if spent within the current private medical system.

One thing that happened this last month was that based on the results of testing, Tricare told me that I need to get off Solara for my Cholesterol.  They said that the medicine without Niacin does as good a job and is way cheaper.  They said if I wanted to continue Solara I would have to pay the almost $200 per 90 days or go to the generic for $15.00 for a 90 day supply.  Guess who changed his way of doing things.  Money Talks and BS walks. 

PVT Petty 1966, Fort Leonard Wood, MO

When I joined the Military in 1966 (or I should say they drafted me) we were told that our medical care would be free for life.  Guess what changed there?  It became free only for those that had service connected disabilities and or service and the inability to pay for services if they could get on the list and wait.  I think my offered change would soon become the norm and people would eventually accept it and then the only worry would become the cost and limited ability of the system to deliver health care.

Just another note, the VA here in Topeka closed their Emergency Room and all vets are sent to the local Hospitals.  This was a cost saving measure and so far so good.  I don't know if the VA is paying the local hospitals for the services they provide or not.

In closing, there is one aspect to those that were on the waiting list for the Phoenix VA that eludes me.  If something was wrong and it was going to kill me, I sure as heck wouldn't wait to go to the VA and die just to spite them.  I know that Barb would wheel me down to the local hospital long before I died.  (I hope)

Old MUD, 2014 (Now minus the chin whiskers)


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