As you have read, I am a member of the Topeka Barbershop Chorus and I really enjoy the singing.  On Monday nights, we meet at 4th and Fillmore here in Topeka. Last night was the first real practice after our performance a couple of Saturday's ago.  The Director took us through a couple of the songs and made us aware of the areas that needed improved.  I think the chorus responded well and it was a great practice.  One thing he did that I thought was a master stroke was he had our former director there and had him run us through one of the Golden Oldies the chorus did a few years back.  It was painfully obvious that the old director was out of practice and not nearly as good as out new Director.   I hope you all find something that makes you happy and  you enjoy doing.

We were slogging through early spring until last week when we hit a run of summer heat.   Well, that went away with a vengeance.  Denver had a lot of snow and in Goodland it was freezing.   I think we avoided the frost but it was cool enough that I wore a jacket to go out and get the paper.  It is supposed to be sunny today but the North wind won't make it anything near hot.  I think they are still using the words "Wind Chill" for today.

The other day, Barb and I were out on the back patio and saw one of her little plants being the recipient of eggs from a caterpillar.  Yesterday she went pout and saw that the eggs had hatched and they had eaten most of her plant.  She rushed out to see if any of the Garden Centers had any Rue.  Nothing that was open ahs anything like that so she went to a place (Un-named to protect the guilty) and borrowed enough to get them through the night.  I'm sure we will have to find some today.   Yes, it is hard to get Barb to want to go to a real Garden Center, Not!

Our Chorus has a new member that works for the Coast Guard.  He is one of their Technical Computer workers and helps keep them up and running.  He brings his wife to our practice and  it does keep the level of the behavior in check.  They are a fine young couple and she brought some of her home made cookies to the practice.  I sent her the recipe for Uncle Chuck's Chocolate Chip cookies.  I hope they like them as much as we do.

I started reading a paperback book written by one of my Dad's Cousins named Tiger Edmonds.  I was struck by his descriptions and easy flowing style.    He is one of those Motor Cycle riders but he rode a BMW bike not a Harley.  He said that he has spent over a million miles on bikes and has been in almost every State.   He is fun to read and From the tape I have of him talking, he sounds like what you would think the Marlboro Man would sound like.  Probably from smoking Marlboros.  I don't have any current information on him and think he has to be well into his 80's.  I can only surmise that he has been well worn and put away wet - a lot.  He said in one of his letters that he was going to take a trip back this way a couple of years ago but no scooter ever showed up. 

For the next couple of days, I am going to see if I can emulate that flowing style and describe a couple of characters I met along the way in my life starting tomorrow.


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