What's The Big Deal?

There seems to be a big difference between what should be news and what is being reported.  That Fat Cat Sterling is quoted saying stupid remarks and the kidnapping of a couple of hundred school girls by an armed Arab Group is mentioned as a side note.  300 people are killed on a Ferry Boat in Korea and a couple of hundred miners are killed in a tragic mine explosion and they get a mention but again the idiot is brought on news programs where he says more stupid things.  The President's wife is shown with a picture of a hashtag (isn't that really the # symbol) and the president sends a group of advisors to help.  What about the other Arab Countries being made to feel responsible for some of the mess made in the name of their religion?  Where is the UN in all this. 

Today there was a newspaper article opinion column about how the Westboro Baptist Church isn't really a Baptist church and they don't represent what the rest of the Baptists believe.  Well Duh, how can anyone believe that if there was a god he could represent hate and love of mankind in the same Bible?   How can any religion believe that women should wear a veil but then give men the right to rape them if they are out and about without one?   How can we turn Freedom of Religion into Freedom from Religion in our lives.  We can put "In god we trust." on our currency but kids can't pray in school. 

Where did we as a society turn our lives into such a mess?  We have a great device to share ideas (Facebook) but all people want to do is post ideas that others make up.  Most of the reposts  are span and get overlooked.    One or two things a day should be a limit that tells me how much you love your god and your guns.  More than that and you really do need to get a life. I probably need to get one too.

Yes, I don't have a clue how this all worked me up today.  I guess when you wake up early and try to watch CNN, read the paper then Facebook it just builds up.  Got to change that.  Next time I guess I'll try to eat breakfast first. (and then skip CNN or the paper)


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