Go Ahead Hillary, Change my Constitution

The other day, Hillary Clinton said she things we should ban all guns.  I hope she tries to put through a change to the Constitution and she will see just where the support lies (instead of in Washington) for our Constitution.  There has been a strong move to remove the protections in the constitution and impose Government orders that change the fabric of our lives.  

The supreme court just narrowly let Government entities have a public prayer to start the meetings.  If they can, why does it fly in the face of so many to have kids say a prayer and pledge allegiance to the flag?   Heck, I grew up singing the Doxology at lunch every day in school and we put on our golden gloves, ("Do unto Others as you would have then do to us")    Didn't kill me and I damn sure needed it.

One big difference in the way many of us think is the role of Government.  There are people out there that feel every time a person or group is harmed, Government needs to step in and make a change making someone a criminal.   There is the other side that feel that it is society's responsibility to do just that.   Change is slow but making something illegal doesn't always fix it.  It might make it easier to sue someone but there is too much of that going on anyway.

One of my friends from my TeleTech days is in Atlanta and made a short film about Bullying.  I fully support the need to make this a discussion topic and bring it to the front of what we say and do.  It also is a great reflection on him that he brought it to a point where we can discuss it.  Did I mention that my friend Zeke is Black?  Heck no, because I celebrate for him and what he is doing.  To me, his skin color is based on his parents and I sure as heck loved his Dad.  Us old Army Guys need to stick together.

So, unless the Constitution is changed in the proper manner, leave it alone.  Good things will come from a country that has high standards, not strict laws. 


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