Tome for a Change?

There comes a time for major changes to be made and there is a general lack of confidence in our Government to make the needed changes.  When the Veterans returned home from WWI & WWII, there was a need for a large Central Organization to oversee the Medical system for Veterans and provide for them what the Civilian system couldn't. 

Well, here is the start of the change I see needed.   First, I think the system needs the part of the VA that over see's the adjudication of the level of compensation needed for Service Connected Injuries for our Veteran's.  In my humble opinion, the percentage of damage done by wounds should be evaluated by the VA and they should determine the level of compensation based on that determination. 

Most of us have some Medical health care and don't need a separate but equal  system to bolster that.  The VA should be able to provide some form of insurance to cover medical costs and not have to provide the service itself.   As is noted here in Topeka, the VA closed its emergency room and everyone is transported to one of the two excellent emergency rooms.  That's a start and next the critical care units should be considered.  Our hospitals have great facilities and just standard care would be the basic.  The VA's have already cut the surgery  down to several locations and I see little need to take a person to Kansas City for Orthopedic surgery.  Have it done locally and move on smartly.  My eventual support from the VA would be to have them in charge of $ and insurance to pay for Medical Care. 

For years I have fought with the idea that there is much duplication within the Defense Department that needs streamlined.  In my perfect world there would be a Land Force, and Air Force and a Naval Force.  I'm sorry but the Marines and Coast Guard would just me missions done by one of the above.  There are Naval Aviators and Marine Aviators just as a place to start.  All radios and equipment must cross talk and work under a central and joint command. 

While I am at that, I would have a Ground Force National Guard under the control of the Governor's with a Reserve Mission of reinforcing the Active duty force.   The Air force Reserve and a Naval Force Reserve would not.   

In my world, either FEMA or Home Land Defense would fold their tent.  For now, the Border Patrol mission is up for grabs to the service that can do the job.  The DEA, FBI and CIA might be worried if I were in charge.

The good thing is that I am not in charge but I will challenge them all that the voters are restless and see the need to have income match outgo a lot better.  Perhaps the current people in Political Office need changed to get the ball rolling in a better direction. 


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