Yesterday started early and ended late.  But all in all it was a great day.  We sang our butts off and did two shows to a pretty large group of people.  The seemed to enjoy what we did and I know it was a real treat to get to see everyone smile.  One of the real treats to me was the High School quartets.  They were so good for a group that was mostly Juniors.  Our guest quartet, the Crush" were very good and they rocked the place. 

One of my tasks before tomorrow night is seeing if I can make 20 copies of the DvD of the evening show.  I also need to work on a way to show the group the DvD at our rehearsal on Monday night.  I might see if I can the laptop to pay the DvD and take my cord to power a TV there.   Oh well.

Yesterday had to be some kind of a record for events here in Topeka.  Anyone that did not have a full slate of things to do just wanted to take the day off.   I missed the car show downtown.  I did get to see a 66 Corvette at out dinner.  What a real great car.  427 motor with lake pipes.  I think it will pass everything but the gas station. 

Better go see what the wife needs from me.  I am pretty sure the head laborer here at rabbit run will have a full agenda.


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