Wednesday Musings

Yesterday we had our Daughter-in- Law's parents over for dinner.  I think the final count was 10. They brought her nephews over and we fed the masses.  Good food, good conversation and for me a great big mess to clean up this morning  Seeing as I made most of the mess, I feel it is only fare that I had to pitch in and clean up the dishes.   I think Barb ran a load of dishes yesterday and even after the one I did today, there is one more round of hand washing  to do.

I for one am glad that Sandy and Larry Parks will be moving back to town.  They spent about 10 years in Vegas and are looking for a house as we speak.  They will probably retire and stay here.  If they can find the right house they will probably stay in it for a long time.  If not, they will probably fix it up and move into a better place in a year or two.  

They are about the same place we were when I retired.  I didn't have a clear understanding of just how much the actual retirements would total up to.  A little here, throw in a few quirks for the small years they worked and perhaps it will be enough to survive to a ripe old age.  At least that's what we hoped for.  it had worked out better than that for us.  Sandy has about 10 years in the Rail Road retirement system and no one is sure how they make that one work.

Better go get myself cleaned up and then it is off to get a haircut.  I know my Barber likes it when I don't go a couple of months between cuts. 


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