Getin' Old(er)

Most of my life I have spent a lot of time in the spring getting back into shape after a winter of reading and writing.  This year it seems to be taking a little longer to get there.  In fact, I feel like I could take a nap right after I wake up.  I have managed to drop about 10 lbs. but it isn't helping me feel lighter and in shape.  I have been working pretty hard and I guess that is a good a part of the problem but dang, it was easier earlier in my life.

Dave had three acres of grass at his house and I found it pretty easy to just leave the Troy Built mower at his house and get by with the old one here.  The other day I went up to his house to mow and the mower was in pitiful shape.  Starting with a dead battery and a drive belt that was pretty cracked.  I put a new battery in it and accidentally shorted across the terminals.  The Troy Built has a 20 Amp fuse and I must have fried it.  I decided to just bring it home and give it a work over.  I am glad I did as there was a big mouse nest under the motor cover and it would have started a fire if I had mowed very long.  I also decided that the belts needed replaced and when I got it back up together, it wouldn't start again.  I pulled the battery and checked the fuse.  Sure enough, it was a bad fuse and when it was replaced, everything worked.  All that work was about a full day of working and I was one tired guy.  I did manage to go back to Dave's and mow for a couple of hours but I ran out of gas before the mower did.   I'll go back today and finish mowing and trim.

Dave was over a week ago on Sunday and was going to help me move the couch.  He looked pale and didn't feel well. He went to Medi Assist and they sent him to the ER.  He was about 1/4 of the normal Hemoglobin  level.  His was 4 and normal was 17.  The admitted him and gave him three pints of blood.  He continued to lose after it got up to about 7 and they gave him a fourth pint.   The sent him home with some iron pills and an acid reducer.    He has a place where his stomach was raw and oozing blood.  Sure hope he is back on the mend soon.  He has a friend that is a Doctor and she said it was a wonder that he didn't pass out when it fell below 5.  His heart beat about 88 to try to circulate the blood fast enough to oxegenate everything.  My normal pulse rate is about 66.

Our Barbershop Chorus is just starting on the path of our summer singing.  We will sing the third Sunday of the month at different churches and several ball games and the kick off for the Senior Olympics.  Should be fun as well as keep us busy.  

Oh well, better get moving.  It was windy last night and there is no dew on the grass.  I might be able to get the mowing and trimming done at Dave's early and fit in a nap.   Have practice tonight.


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