The day after.

One of the things I miss the most about being retired is the meeting and discussing (and/or cussing) the State of the Union.  For some reason I just got in the mood to cook yesterday afternoon and right after I started I found out that the Guests from the West will be here tonight.  Oh well, my smoked meats seem to be well eaten even a day after.   Even though Barbra has said I can't go to the store to buy anything until we have eaten at least half of the things in the fridge, I may sneak off and get some bacon to put with the potatoes. 

One way I get my fill of talking with people is at the Barbershop Chorus.  Last night we had a young guest that is a senior at one of the local High Schools.  He has a bass voice that is about three notes lower than mine.  I can get down there but I gravel out a note or two higher than he can get low.  This is exactly what we need to do.  Somehow we need to find a group of young singers to breathe life in to our program.  I'll bet I am a couple of years younger than the average age of the chorus.  Yesterday evening one of the members, Wilmer said to Max our new guest that he was glad to be the oldest member meeting the youngest person in the room. Wilmer was a WWII veteran and has to be close to 90. 

The other day, I made a discovery that is to me remarkable.  Barb has bought those English Cucumbers from time to time and I finally found that I think they are better with onions in a vinegar dressing better than the regular kind.   As a lark, I poured a sesame and oil dressing on some and they were to die for.  Shows you that an old dog can learn new tricks, especially if he is a tricky old dog.

About once a week, we venture to the far side of town and visit our Sam's Club.  Yes, I know that most of you shop Costco but we don't have one here and I refuse to drive 50 miles for that privilege.  I think the local one has meat that is as good as HiVee and a little cheaper.  The only bad part is that you have to buy (and feed) groups of ten or more to take full advantage of the large packages.   I have found that the bread products made in store to be very good but I have yet to have a loaf of bread made outside of the store that tasted fresh to me. 

Oh, wait, Sam's Club has a new salsa in a quart jug that is way too yummy.  So far I have put it on toast like a bruschetta and eaten it by the bowl full with those Scoops Chips. (I need to pick up another bag of them when I hit the local store) I highly recommend it as a side for any meal.  Dang, I have made myself hungry and now I need to cook breakfast with the salsa.  We have a few Asparagus plants and fresh asparagus and salsa in an omelet is way yummy.   Now to see how that salsa works in one. 

Years ago, I was on a business trip in San Antonio.  We were staying at a downtown Hotel and it just didn't seem right to me that I should pay almost $10 for the breakfast buffet.  I had been out walking the day before and saw a restaurant where it was painfully obvious that it catered to the local Mexican (or Texican) American crowd. I went there for breakfast and had their huevos  rancheros  or eggs cooked ranch style (I apologize if this isn't spelled right, my Spell Checker isn't bi-lingual)  The only short coming was that they did not have toast only tortillas.  I think that really broke my mold on what I put in or on my eggs.  I think the only thing I really object to is over easy with catsup.  That was my Dad's breakfast if he could get it.  My dad ate Oyster Stew for lunch every work day of his life at Beech.

Dad got off at 11:30 and walked right up the block to our house.  At 11:34 he would go into the kitchen and open a can of Oyster Stew and put it on the stove.  he would then go into the bathroom and do whatever business he had there and come back to the kitchen to pour that stew into a bowl.  Half a package of crackers and a cup of catsup and he would seriously chow down.  Mom had some big old bowls that would hold that entire mess and if Dad was really feeling frisky, he would put a couple of dashes of Tobasco in on that mess.   I'll bet if he was out of Oyster Stew, he could just eat crackers and catsup, that had to be what most of his meals tasted like. At 11:54, he would go back out the door to go back to work.

 I think the only thing he didn't put crackers in was Beans because Mom always made corn bread.   In fact we never just called it Beans, because it was Beans and Cornbread on our menu.  Kind of like Pork Chops and Spanish Rice.  Mom could make this in one pan and serve a family of 6. 

Dang, I'll bet I have gained five pounds just sitting here writing this.  Barb was up late and isn't up yet.  I guess I'll have to wait to see the whites of her eyes and then fix breakfast.


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