She Won!

My Brother's daughter, Rebecca Petty, won the District 94 Republican Primary in NW Arkansas for their House of Representatives.  Now she will face a Democratic opponent later on to see who gets to represent the Voters of the home of Wal*Mart.  I know she will go to Little Rock and work hard to represent the voters.  There are many things I agree with her on but one or two that I don't.

I have said time and time again that I think Abortion is about the worst way to have birth control.  With that said, I think it is bad for our Government at any level to get involved in what should be a matter between a woman and her Doctor.  How can we say we want smaller Government and then try to put the nose of a camel under that tent flap. 

Where we do agree is on most of the constitutional guarantees.  There have been things done that I would like to see changed.   We have managed to create a huge new Government entity in Home Land Defense.  I thought that the Department of Defense, the FBI and FEMA were enough.  I would also charge the CIA on obtaining information over sea's about the threats to our Nation.  Many of us see the Department of Homeland Defense as a bigger threat than our enemies. I am still out on that one.

The one thing I want to say about Becky is that she is a loving and sweet person and she has worked hard for those causes she believes in.  The one item on her list that the entire family supports is the need to protect our children.  Her daughter was killed about 15 years back and the convicted killer still sits on Death Row today playing the system with his rights.  There has not been any proof but there is another murder in Arkansas that fits his profile and in my humble opinion he needs to be put down like the mad dog he is.  Karl Roberts is a convicted killer and Arkansas needs to step up and end his miserable life.

As you may have guessed by what I write, living to the ripe old age of 66 here in the Homeland and being exposed to over 30 years in the Military has left me on the conservative side of the ledger.  Given freedom to do so, I would do my best to reduce the size of our Government to the point that it is only spending what they take in in taxes.  Outgo must be less than or equal to income.   That's our rule here at Rabbit Run and should be applied to every level of Government.  One problem I see is that our National Government seems to be full of people that want to solve every problem with National Legislation. 

 Here in the Heartland, guns are in almost every house and home.  There is not the mass killings like in major cities where the unsavory elements kill without regard to the value of that person.  Somehow our Skinnerian Box experiment in the cities has just gone off the rails.  People there have just lost sight of the American Dream and now want Government to step in and fix the broken pieces.  I personally don't care if Detroit, Chicago and New Your City exist or not.  I don't see it as my problem to go there with my tax dollars and save them from themselves.

Another problem I see is that somewhere there is an expectation that the right of Freedom of Religion is being adopted as a stance to somehow will fix our problems.   I agree that the belief in a higher authority and conducting yourself in a manner as described in the holy books is a good guide.  But with that said, it is optional on the way I believe.  No, I won't get involved in a theological argument here and I won't tell you what to believe. 

I am going to spend a little time with our son today as he is having employment problems with the State.  The kind of problems that may take the involvement of a Lawyer to fix.  Enough said.

MUD, and Mad

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