Master Gardener

In case you haven't read this blog carefully, I have the good fortune of being married to a Master Gardener. That mean she has a lot of good advice on where and how to grow a garden.  The only negative in this scenario is that she knows she is the boss and I am the head laborer.  Today I spent a lot of time and money trying to make the drip irrigation system work.  The real problem is that we bought the first part from a company online and not very much of the stuff available locally will work with the old stuff.  My local Ace hardware does its best but one of these days I will break down and order another massive kit from the supplier on line.

There is an old saying that farmers don't own their crops and livestock, they own the farmer.  Having a really good garden is a lot the same way.  Last year we left just when the tomato's were turning red and the corn was just short of being ripe. Long story short, the deer had a feast and we got nada.  Oh well, they looked good.  The even better news is that here in Kansas, there is no shortage of good farm raised produce at the farmer's market. 

I was thinking about what to write and noticed that this new keyboard has a lot of buttons I haven't explored.   There was this one that had a + on it.  Made the screen big enough that I could really read the error of my ways.  The spell checker does a pretty good job but it won't detect the wrong word if it is spelled wright. The only thing this keyboard really lacks is a light that tells me the Caps Lock is on.  I'll get about two sentences down the page and see that everything but the first letter of the first word is in Caps.  Dang I hat it when that happens.

Mother's day is Sunday and this will be the first one since Barb lost her mother earlier this year.  I know the feeling having lost my mother a few years back.  There isn't a lot I can say or do to ease the pain only stay out of the way and let her deal with it.  Being introverted, she doesn't deal with things in public like I do.  Give me an audience and I'll tell jokes about all the fun (and funny) things my mother did.  I might even tell a few of the funny things I did to her.  I hope all of the mothers out there have a great day on Sunday.

Better run.


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