Mother's Day

For those of you that have a living mother, I hope you remember them in a way that makes you both happy.  Most don 't need an elaborate or expensive gift, they want a sincere talk with you.  Spend time with them and I'll bet you both will leave that meeting or talk with a smile on your face. 

For a large group of us, our mothers are no longer here.  I hope that during the day you take a moment to think about the good things that happened between you and your mother. After all, isn't  that how our mothers live on in our lives.  My mother was a person that filled our lives with laughter and love.  In spite of her advice being a little off base some times, she wasn't afraid to laugh when she was wrong.  I think that's one of the traits I got from my mother and is one I treasure.  The other trait I got from her is my joy to be around children.  We love to see little smiles and have done a lot to keep the smile in their lives.

I think about the mothers in my family that I didn't get to meet or remember.   I have fond memories of Grandmother Erma, my mother's mother.  I think that she was always the love of our lives as she was such an Enigma.   She lived in remote places but always seemed to be well read and the first to spring to life if there was a party to be had.  They had a hunting dog named spot.  When it was time for them to go outside, she would go to the door and holler, "Out Dammed Spot."  Later I heard someone quoting Shakespeare and the line was "Out Damned Spot." and I wondered how they had met my grandmother.

When age finally overcame my Grandmother and she stopped hunting, she made good use of her shotgun.  Someone had dumped an old dog on the farm in Arkansas.  That dog was killing chickens and eating eggs.  I was offered the gun if I would take that old cur for a walk in the woods.  The gun, a shovel and the dog went for a walk.  I treasure that 16 gauge Ithaca shotgun.  I don't hunt but I treasure all the memories of the times I went squirrel hunting in Arkansas.

For brevity's sake, I won't even try to talk about all the mothers in my life.  For 46 years I have been married to the mother of our son and I will always love her above all.  I can't imagine where my life would have led if not for her.  I probably would have tried to stay in the Army and wound up not here.  With her, most of my life wishes have been fulfilled and I hope to spend many more good years with her.

Barb does pretty, I do function

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