Well Sports Fans, KU whipped another good Big 12 team by their usual 80-60 score. It was 83 to 59 but who is counting. You would think our friends in Tulsa would whip those pesky Memphis guys last night but I guess it will wait for the big dance in March. The big guy on the tickets is Sasha Kaun our Russian import that has been replaced in the starting line up by Darnell Jackson. For some reason his tail feathers got lit up this summer and he is playing like a "Man Amongst Boys". Sasha Is good but he doesn't play with Darnell's intensity.

The other day I mentioned I was having a tough time getting started for the day. I actually went over and worked pretty hard and did the same yesterday. I am removing some of the flooring that just can't be cleaned up and needs replaced. There is one room where the vinyl was so cheap to start with that it just needed replaced and a couple of carpets are in pretty sad shape. I am also patching holes in the walls where picture were hung and cables were run.

Last night was another bitter cold one. It was about zero this morning but the wind was calm. It is going to get to about freezing today and tomorrow through Monday it will be in the high 40's or near 50. That will be welcome. I could tell that it was cold because I found Barb sitting at the breakfast bar upstairs with a heat vent blowing up her robe. Normally she would be in the living room sitting in the sun but the sun isn't up enough yet to provide that warming glow.

In the past I thought Barb's intensity over issues was a trait shared by her sisters and I called it the Schmoe Girls Effect. After thinking about some of her Father's run ins with the local City guys I think I am going to change it to the Quixote Family effect. They sure love to tilt windmills big or small. Barb's latest round was with KU over them letting ESPN put a KU game on ESPNU or the pay per view channel. I thought it was kind of neat to go to the local Sports Bar to watch the game but I'm sure it will be a lot better when they ban smoking here in Kansas. Both or us had stuffy noses and headaches the day after. Might be partly from the dry air caused by the furnace but a lot of it was because of the smoke.

Three games in a row, we have failed to bring our fancy dancy camera to take pictures. I have high hopes that we will remember it Saturday (our last game) and capture some of the highlights. It will be Nebraska and they played about as well as any team we have played so far. It was another or those 80-60 games. You know the kind, everyone starts out running with the hawks and for about 10 minutes either hold them down or match the score. By halftime the Hawks have a 10 point lead and over the next 20 minutes push the lead out to 20 and drive their score up to near 80. Within the last five minutes the KU Students will start chanting "Conner Tehan" and the Coach will put the favorite five players that normally sit on the bench. KU plays normally 9 or 10 deep with the last 5 for those games when we are enough ahead to nor jeopardize the final score. No one player generally dominates the game with real even and balanced scoring from the top 6 or 7 with the bench giving the starters a good rest. There are three guards with equal talent and four more n the bench that could play for a lot of teams.

Oh well, that about wraps up the scene here at Rabbit Run and I hope your days are filled with things you want and that 2008 is a good year for you.

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