Fun Times in Lawrence

The young man on this ticket is the future of KU basketball. He is Conner Teahan and he loves to shoot the ball. I'm sure that his points per minute rival anyone on the team.
Barb's friend in Lecompton has season tickets to see the Jay Hawks. He also has a sister in Phoenix that he visits during the month of January. The solution is he sells us the tickets for the home games in January. What a great time we had to last night as KU hosted the visiting Loyola Greyhounds. If you have never seen a basketball game at the stadium, you miss the pageantry surrounding the game. Heck, I cried as they played the National Anthem, follow that with the Alma Mater song and a few chants of Rock Chalk and it was worth the trip.
The Loyola team perplexed the hawks for about 10 minutes of the first half. They ran, weaved and made cuts that were true to their name, the greyhounds. They had one or two shooters and kept themselves in the game for a while. Then the Coach, Bill Self, said a few choice words to the Hawks and they snapped out of their fog and brought on the War. It was 42 to 26 at Half Time and KU won 90 to 60.
It was neat that a very nice couple from Loyola sat right behind us and every time Loyola scored she cheered. It reminded me of the time my brother and I went to Kemper to see one of the holiday tournaments. A team from Louisiana who were the Bulldogs played in one of the early games and we were in the stands. One poor guy from way up top would yell, "Go Bulldogs" every time they made a good play. Rick and I started hollering with him and pretty soon a bunch of people were shouting to inspire the Bulldogs. One of the other school bands showed up early and they added to the sounds. It turned into a great game and I'm sure that everyone got their money's worth.
I hope my brother Rick can come up the 14th and go see KU host the Sooners. Barb has agreed to stay home and let him attend the game if he can get off work. We'll see.
Rock Chalk JayHawk fans. May all your days be winners and your balls be round, orange and score a lot. The hawks are now 15-0.

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