Fickle Weather

Here in Kansas we never know exactly what the weather will be only that it generally isn't the same for very long. After about 4 days of fairly mild weather for January, a big old low is moving in. The weatherman said we are right on the edge of the area that will be rain or snow. We have been getting a light rain all morning and about noon it will change to snow or remain rainy depending on the forward progress of the front.
The picture I have selected today is a flock of wild turkeys taken not far from our house. A few years back the Fish and Game guys brought in some to start a State-wide re-population. It has worked and now there are flocks in several areas that are growing. When cars hitting turkeys become as big a problem as the deer we will have some turkey eradication program initiated. Just yesterday I saw a friend of the family and their grandson hit a deer with his truck. Those tricky deer just wait for passing cars and trucks and then dodge out into the road. I'll bet it is some kind of game to them.
Well, it is only 10 AM and the rain just turned to snow flakes. It is still above freezing so so far it is not sticking. It will in a couple of hours if the snow flakes continue.
Have a great day out there. MUD

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  1. We have wild turkeys that sometimes roost in our trees down between the brome field and the topland. There are several nearby fields that they really love, though. Our place is more of a shelter spot and not so much the food they want. You can count on seeing hundreds of turkeys in one or the other of these fields if you know when to look for them. It's an amazing sight.