Going to the game!

I know that it is silly to want to see the J-Hawks beat up on a hapless Maryland team (Loyola) but Barb and I have tickets and are going. It should be one of those games where everyone gets to play some and it should be fun to watch the subs come off the bench and out play the other team.
I can hardly wait to be back in Allen Field house and be a part of the excitement.
When I went out to get the paper this AM it was wet but no snow and just now about an hour later Barb opened the downstairs curtains and it is snowing. We aren't excepting much of an accumulation but we have a light dusting. It was warmer here yesterday and the day before than it was in Vegas or LA. Today it should be about 40 for a high so any dusting we get will be long gone by this evening.
We went to Walmart the other day and bought a recumbent exercise bicycle. It was a really cheap version but I could not see spending almost $400 for the Schwinn model. This one was less than $99.00. I told Barb that with Tax and snacks it came to $119.00. If you can't stock up on snacks why exercise?
Have a great day out there.

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