New Book

You might think that after 30 years (+) I would not want to read a Military Tale well told. Well, buckaroo, you would be wrong! On New Year's Day I managed to get a copy of W.E.B. Griffin's new book "The Shooters". After a couple of days of watching College Football Bowl games and reading I find myself sadly wishing I had more to read. Griffin is also known as William E. Butterworth and has a bunch of books out there I love to read. I was afraid that his son was going to ghost write books with him as the quality of the last couple were kinda thin. This one is back to the old standards and the good guy gets the girl and gets shot but lives on with more money than good judgment. He gets to rush around the world killing bad guys and spending money like it was free. There might be a moral or two in these stories but mostly they are grand escapism and fun.
Get a good book and read, it is hard on the eyes but in this cold weather what the heck isn't. MUD

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