The following is Political!

I am pretty undecided about the upcoming election. Being a fiscal conservative, there just isn't anyone out there that even starts to appeal to me. If you think the President's popularity is low at 30%, read about the popularity of the congress (20%). I think it is time for some fresh blood in Washington and for that reason I won't vote for anyone currently in the senate for any seat or office. A site I went to said that Fred Thompson was the person that closest supported my views. He has little chance to get there unless something changes fast.
Speaking of fresh blood, the Governor of Kansas, Kathleen Sibelius, has been selected to give the pro Democrat view of the State of the Union on January 28th. She is supposed to be a very good across-the-aisle person and challenge everyone to do better. She is a little liberal with our money but she is a darned good Governor and Barak could do a lot worse than select her as his running mate.
Somewhere out there a reform idea on taxes has gone astray. From an idea of a flat based tax of 13 to 15% on all earnings there is a proposal to make it about 34 cents on the dollar and collect it on sales. This consumption tax flies in the face of all the planning I have done with my income over the years. I have my retirement dollars locked in so they are to my best advantage and slam bam, thank you mam someone wants to change it to a sales tax and base it on consumption. Oh well, I'll have to think about this some more and see. The illegals have to buy food. Tax the wire transfers from Western Union headed to Mexico and that would help.
I think the tax situation is kind of like energy. Perhaps a little alternative (savings as opposed to spending) might go a long way. Pork belongs in a sandwich not in our Government spending. In fact, a pulled pork BBQ sandwich sounds kind of tasty right now.
I am tired of reading about all the people in the world that think we are the devil and then form long lines trying to get in here. Hell, don't they know if they go to Mexico and establish citizenship there they can probably sneak in across the border and be granted amnesty as soon as the congress gets around to it. It won't happen during this election year but wait a while and it probably will happen. Instead of trying to round them all up, give the s Social Security Card and make them all pay the right taxes like the rest of us. Crap, doesn't that play into the hands of the consumption tax?
I have a question. When the politicians start nationalizing health care (and they will) what will happen to guys like me that are paying for their own right now? Do you think I will continue to fork out the big bucks to BS/BS when I can get it for free? Add that to the cost.
Oh well, smile and move on smartly. What ever you do, Vote in the National election. Don't let the majority of a minority elect someone without your say so.


  1. I've quit listening to most of the campaign reports and talk. It depresses the hell out of me because none of them sound that appealing. I can't figure out who I want to vote for. I think I tried that website you mentioned, and I wasn't satisfied with my result--though I don't remember who I got. I like Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee based solely on how they come across, which frankly is a lot like George W. Bush. They seem like good ol' boys whose word and a handshake is all you need. Appearances can be deceiving, though. I don't know what I think about our current president any more. I'm conflicted. That's all I know. Well, that and that I don't want Hillary for president under any circumstances. I could've voted for Elizabeth Dole, though.

    Oh, and I think I like the consumption tax. Tax where people spend and then you'll get everyone who spends here. People like me who are frugal and buy their clothes at Goodwill will be okay. Hey, it'll encourage reusing items and not buying so much crap which is a nice green concept for all those Democrats.

  2. Duncan Hunter is the only one who seems right for the job, pity he has no shot. I like his stands on everything. Guliana and McCain are WAY liberal and if ever our country needed a conservative it is NOW. Huckabee is a clone of Jimmy Carter, his ideas, stands on issues etc are very Carter-esque. I was stunned that Hillary thinks the solution to our economic problems is the SPEND 100 Billion dollars. Doesn't she know that is how we got in to this mess? While I have some trouble with Romney I think is a better choice than the other top tier candidates.