Lie, Cheat, Steal and Copy!

Is this the face of a guy that would copy the works of someone else? You bet your ass I would if it is funny. The serious stuff can go somewhere else but anything funny should be laughed at and printed. I try to give the author adequate credit but hey, it's my blog and the rules of Literature don't apply unless it is really literature. Hey, this stuff is free and you get what you pay for.
I am mad at ESPN. They are going to move the KU game to a premium "pay for view" channel tomorrow and unless you subscribe to that service you won't get to see the game. The local cable channel will let you see it for $4.95 if you already have their digital service. (That's another $19.95 per month) I have DIRECWAY and I'm sure that I can't get the game without paying the $75.00 fee to watch the rest of the College Basketball season. I may go to the local Sports Bar and eat a cheeseburger to watch the game. I hate the smoke in those places and until Kansas catches up with the rest of the world we will just have to pay or put up with the smoke.
Barb is off today but isn't that a Smother's Brothers punchline? Would you rather be More off than a Moron? That is somewhat near the comment that pissed off Lyndon Johnson and when he complained they lost their show. I reminded Barb that their show co-in sided with my time on active duty and the 66-69 TV season's just are lost on me.
For the record, Barb and I saw the strange woodpecker and identified it as a Yellow Bellied Sap sucker. That is the only one with a red throat in the book we have. The birds have been hitting the feeders hard this AM with the temps near 10 and a wind chill below zero. The cat came into the garage when I took out the trash and even a promise of more food in the kitty dish outside didn't coax him back out.
Have a great day.

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