Animal Farm

We have a bunch of birds that come here to Rabbit Run to eat. In fact I would estimate that our pet food bill at over $50.00 per month between yard birds, cockatiels, cat and dogs.

The deer are frequent visitors and this day there was a herd of at least five. I did not see a buck with horns.

This is another picture of stupid "the cat" aka Tiger. He demands to eat every time I go out and would take up residence in the garage but uses the floor to pee and cat urine stinks.

Probably the most pesky bunch are the squirrels. This is just one of as many as five that regularly haunt the ground near the feeders. In fact one found that he could climb the "squirrel proof" feeder and jump to the porch railing. The violent up and down bobbing of the feeder often jars a couple of seeds free. They also have taken to eating some of the "ground feeder" food I put out for the junkos and finches. Oh well, something to look at. Must go to the old Valleybrook house and clean. MUD


  1. Way enjoy your photos. Another blast of winter is hitting us right now, with wind and snow.

  2. Isn't it amazing exactly how much damage those squirrels can do in virtually no time at all? Pesky little tree rats, they are.