Grissy, Part II

This little guy is Hero, Ken's first dachshund, and the reason I was pretty sure that Grissy would go to a good home there in Lapland. or Idaho. Hero was a neat little dog that would dig his way to China if told, "There he goes" and point to the ground. His desire to find any predator is legendary.

I am fairly sure that Grissy would eat about anything Ken would hand her. All those years of not getting enough food just programmed her for eating. In fact, Ken has to work hard to control a person there sneaking snacks to Grissy. You know who you are!

This is a fairly typical scene of Grissy out in the snow. How he got her to slow down and stay long enough for a picture is a miracle. She lives her life at a run and loves to go over to Grandma's or Sandy's. Just the mention of those names and she is off the chair and at the door.

This picture is one from the first trip out there and shows you just how loved she is. I think Ken would hold her in his lap and let her sleep any time she so desires. No, she is very alive and thinks she is a puppy sometimes and sometimes a person. Both Grissy and her person, Ken, are very special to us and we hope they have a long time together. If you are ever in need of a companion, consider a long haired dachshund. They might sleep through having an intruder in the house but are a wonderful and affectionate pet.

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  1. The one thing that I found about the differences in long-hair and short-hair was the physicality of the shorts. It seemed that the long-hairs were very docile and the short were more aggressive and gregarious.

    Damn, I love those dogs though. You can't find a better breed.