Idaho by Ken

If there's 2 feet of snow outside, and parts for the
broken snow blower are still in Kansas...
you are in Idaho!

If you slip on an 'Idaho spud' while exiting your bed,
you are probably in Washington,
but were dreaming about Idaho.

If you hit a deer,and he gets up and asks
you for your driver's license, registration and proof of insurance,..
you ARE in Idaho, but your car is wearing
California plates.

If you just finish cookin' one side of a $20 steak,
and a drunken farmer smacks the power pole
next to your house.. Trust me...
you are from Idaho.

When the picture onyour driver's license
looks like a cow pie and smells like a dairy...
you are definately from Idaho.
The above fine words about Idaho are from Ken and Grissy. Two of my favorite people. Well, Grissy thinks she is people. MUD

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