Oklahoma, where the "Win" comes roaring across the Pain

Tonight, is the second of four games Barb and I will see in Lawrence. Yes, I know that it is an ESPN game and we could stay home and watch it but I couldn't, not go when I have tickets. The only tough part is the game is one of those 8 PM starts on ESPN and it won't get over until 10PM. Barb may have to drive home if I get sleepy. I know I won't want to leave the game until the sounds of "Rock Chalk, Jay Hawk" echo in the field house. Over the weekend, Oklahoma took a nasty loss at home from K-State and I'm sure they have the taste of blood in their mouth they want to cleanse.
KU traveled to Nebraska and it looked like the coach played everyone a fair share of minutes keeping the team as fresh as he could for tonight's game.

The weather here is as nice as it can be for January. All the snow is gone and it will be 40 today. I have a bunch of computer parts to haul off so I'll be in and out some today. I need to get the door on the truck adjusted after I put the new one on. It leaks air big time and the heater just is able to keep the cab warm when it would burn you out prior to the replacement. Oh well, more on the list of things to do.

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