Barb and I have settled that the Hawks can beat about any body when they score near 80 points and play hard. Yep, they won with 76 points over the Missouri teams' 70. The first half was a battle royal with the lead changing hands about each trip up the floor. Our thoughts were that we had the Tigers right where we wanted them. "Run they littl' feetsies off" and they will drag in the second half. The end of the game was a foul shooting contest for the hawks and it didn't work for the tigers. KU Coach, Bill Self, doesn't care if they will get the Number 1 ranking now or not. Memphis and KU are the only undefeated teams in teams in Div I. In spite of winning 19 in a row, the Hawks are as likely to lose a game or two before the end of the season so who cares? My desire is for them to play to the end and do well post season. Everyone wants their team to win the Big Dance at the end but hey, these kids are playing and it is fun to watch. Jenn will tell you that athletes row, everyone else plays games!
We were kind of pissed off that ESPN decided to put the game on a "Pay Channel" but the local sports bar carried the game on their big screens and other than a little smoke it was a fun time. To make it even better, the food was good and we enjoyed the time out. Glen Petty would have said we needed to get out and blow the stink off.
Did I tell you about the time I used that phrase with the pre-school kids? It was one of those cold but sunny days and the kids hadn't been out in a couple of days. I told them we needed to get out and blow the stink off and one of them said, "But Teacho (r's are tough for little guys) we don't stink!" I thought I would die laughing at myself quoting my dad.
We had our coldest night of the year last night. The cold has arrived from up north and without a lot of clouds to hold in any heat left from the 13 degrees for the daytime high, it just flat got cold. I let the cat spend the night in the garage and it stinks to high heaven today. I guess I will either have to get rid of the cat or get a litter box. I can coax him out for food but anytime the door is opened to leave he will blow in at a run. Once inside he hides until everyone leaves.
I found a book by one of Mom's cousin's, Mark Edmonds. It is called "the ghost of scootertrash past" It is his tales of driving his BMW motorcycle all over America and the adventures/mis adventures of doing so. He is an English professor that lives in Florida and is trapped in the 60's for a life style and the life on a Campus. His escape was riding and now it is telling of tall tales about the rides. I could see myself riding a motor bike across the US but it would be the Holidomes for the night for me. He tells of getting stranded by storms in local parks shelters and I would be in the local sports bars. I do smoke an annual "birthday Cigar" and he smokes and complains about the no smoking rules. Oh well, we can't win them all.

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